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Monday, April 9, 2012

Mushroom Burrito Fit For A King

   So I was looking for something to eat for lunch today and decided to go to the leftovers. I had some tomato basil hummus, a handful of baby porta. mushrooms, a bag of salad, and some tortillas that needed to be ate before they spoiled. This is one of the tastiest little lunches I have had in a while. Here's what I did:

You need:
Tomato basil hummus
Portabella mushrooms (chopped)
Greens of your choice (I used basic Iceberg salad from the bag)
Garlic (freshly chopped or minced...fresh is always better)
Olive oil
Liquid Smoke
Garlic Powder

   First take your skillet and drizzle about a tsp. of olive oil to coat the pan. Throw your chopped mushrooms in the pan with the garlic, a few drops of liquid smoke, and garlic powder to taste. Let it fry until the mushrooms are starting to get soft and the garlic is browning. When that is done or while it is frying, depending on your kitchen skills, take your tortillas out and smear them with your tomato basil hummus. Put the mushroom mix on top of the hummus and slap your greens on top of that. Now roll it closed and here comes the best part. Take your skillet, clean it up, and put the heat back on. Now take that tired, soft tortilla and more crunch by dry roasting both sides until they are golden brown (pressing down with a spatula while roasting helps make a good looking burrito). There you go, a mushroom burrito that tastes great and is fit for a king!... a Vegan King!

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