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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Top 5 Easy Vegan Snacks

1) Celery and peanut butter is a good traditional snack food. You can also liven it up a little by adding raisins and other dried fruit, or by using different butter...maybe almond, cashew or macadamia butter?

2) Popcorn is another easy vegan snack. Plain or with salt is a favorite for many, but if you are looking for a little more fun or substance try experimenting with different things. One of my favorite ways to prepare popcorn is to drizzle it with a little warm coconut oil and sprinkle it with garlic and onion powder...mm mm.

3) Having prepared "Veggie Sticks" is always a convenient way to snack healthy. I like to keep a plate of carrots, celery, cucumber, broccoli, apples, oranges and assorted berries in my fridge that I can eat from whenever I get hungry. Plus, you don't have to cook and when you don't cook your food, it's not  just easier, it digests better and gives you more nutrition for your dollar.

4) Juice and smoothies makes a great snack. Perhaps the smoothie from breakfast...did someone say leftovers?

5) Last but certainly not least, every one's favorite, drum roll please..... THE SALAD. Make a salad or as I like to call it, Raw Vegan Stew! Whatever you like, put it in a dish and drizzle it with something else that you like. A tasty salad I eat is made with diced apples, shredded carrots and raisins with cashew butter and agave nectar. But anything works!

Give these snacks a try, do some experimenting and let us know how you liked it by commenting below. Or for more ideas check out my website!

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