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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Raw Vegan Diet

  The raw vegan diet is a great diet if you are looking to regain your health or even just naturally boost your energy levels. Keeping in mind that any diet change should be discussed with your physician first, the raw vegan diet has many positive benefits.
   If you can manage to eat a wide enough variety of fruits, veggies, seeds and nuts your body will bless you for it. But that's the key, eating a variety. You are trying to get healthier, giving yourself an eating disorder is not stepping in the right direction. Along with variety, you should always maintain your minerals and a plant based multivitamin so your body gets any nutrients that you may not be giving it in the form of actual food.
   Does a raw vegan diet sound right for you? I say go for it! All you have to lose is that weight and bad complexion while gaining masses of energy that will seem to flow endlessly at times. Plus, you will discover flavors you never knew existed while trying to find recipes that suit you and your tastes. Don't be afraid to try new things. Maybe blue-green algae? Algae makes a great multivitamin and can easily be added to smoothies.Yummmmm Smoothies!
   When starting to eat a raw vegan diet smoothies are one of the best things you can have. I usually drink one for breakfast, but smoothies are great all day. Grabbing a hand full of fruit and maybe a carrot and some greens and putting it in a blender with some distilled water or juice is really easy for those on the go. Not only does it save time, but that smoothie will give you lasting energy....unlike other products out there that claim to do the same.
   Another good way of still allowing the creativity of "cooking" to continue happening in the kitchen is to purchase a food dehydrator. This will let you and whoever else is joining you on your vegan adventure to keep constructing recipes in more of a "cooking" fashion. On the other hand, "cooking" with a dehydrator takes hours and lots of times entire days to make what some might consider really basic recipes. But, a good blender, and a good dehydrator is all you will ever need for kitchen appliances....next to your fridge or course.
   Layers of flavor are really important to include in your raw vegan diet, so as to not get bored with your food. If you can remember: sweet, sour, bitter, tart, and spicy; and implement them into your food, you shouldn't lose any interest in what you are eating. For those that aren't so creative or good with preparing food, there are a few vegan restaurants out there (some that cater to the 'tastes' of meat eaters) that I'm sure would love your business when you're craving something a little different. Maybe a vegan pizza? Yum!
   I hope that you found this informative and inspiring. Now get out there and start eating those raw foods!


  1. I just read through your blogs and wanted to say hey. I like your food ideas. As an overweight meat eater I have been looking for ways to add more vegetables to my diet and learn to eat less meat and pasta. Unfortunately I do not have a dehydrator but may consider getting one just to try your eggplant pizza.

    I am in total envy of your ability to live out of your van. I so can't wait until the day comes that I can do the same except I'll have a shower.. lol Too many responsibilities at the moment (ages 14 and 5) but someday I sure hope to do some traveling.

    Good luck!

    1. Thank you so much Christina! Your comment means a lot. I really do try to post recipes that meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans alike can enjoy and share.

      Shower? Yeah, don't have that...lol...well, a solar shower, but have a hard time using it when in town. You envy my ability to travel and I envy your hot water heater :-D

      Thanks again!