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Friday, June 1, 2012

Soy Soy Soy

Many people that start a vegan or vegetarian diet start eating soy like it's going out of style. While soy beans are healthy in moderation and soy protein is easily absorbed, too much soy can do harm to your health. Concentrated soy bean products like tofu or soy lecithin are the least healthy of soy products, especially soy lecithin. One problem is that soy in America is highly genetically modified, which can decrease pancreatic function when consumed. Other problems arise with the thyroid gland in people that use soy as a staple... basically, it becomes hard for your body to regulate it's weight. Eating soy in moderation will keep any side effects at bay. So when looking for a protein boost, why not try spinach or kale which are both healthy and delicious....and can be grown most anywhere by anyone. So cut back on that soy consumption (ie.: tofu, soy milk, energy bars, etc.:) and help win the battle over GMO at the same time. Love, Peace, and Candy Grease.

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